Mycotoxicoses in Animals Economically ImportantMangroves: Ecology, Biology and TaxonomyMarine Phytoplankton
Biotechnology, Biodegradation, Water and FoodstuffsDolphins: Anatomy, Behavior and ThreatsThe Malaysian Nepenthes: Evolutionary and Taxonomic Perspectives
Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Mammals: Interrelationship, Background and IssuesEcotoxicology around the GlobeOil Palm: Cultivation, Production and Dietary Components
Al Qaeda: Background, Evolution and AssessmentTannins and Phenolics in Animal Nutrition: Chemistry and ChallengesEarthworm Vermicompost: A Sustainable Alternative to Chemical Fertilizers for Organic Farming

Products & Services

At YPJP&D we only sell high-end scientific& social sciences books & journals both print and electronic. The materials enable researches, engineers, scientists, graduate & undergraduate students and managers within the industry to remain up-to-date with the latest development in their respective fields.

We work closely with a number of international publishers such Elsevier, Cengage Learning, Cambridge University Press, McGraw Hill, Taylor & Francis, Oxford Fajar, World Scientific, Lippincott, Sage, Woodhead, Trans Tech, Springer, RSC, Artech House, IGI GLOBAL, ASCE, SAE to name a few. And it is their invaluable support that turns us into what we are today.

YPJP&D is the exclusive distributor for a number of publishers in Malaysia. Top of the list is the Nova Science Publishers, Inc. based in New York. Next is the London-based Euromoney which publishes books on finance and banking and though our business with them is small but we expect it to grow in the coming years. There are other small publishers that we represent exclusively.

Electronic Products

E-books& e-journals are still new to us but slowly we are moving into it. Apart from Nova Science Publishers, Euromoney and IGI Global we also distribute for Myilibrary. Though it is still in its infancy, we are slowly seeing some growth in our collection of electronic products.




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